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如何看北京赛车走势图:TEDA Manu changed its name for the fourth time

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内容摘要: For thefund company, , although it is difficult to change the name and change the name, it is rare that a company has changed its name more...

For the fund company, , although it is difficult to change the name and change the name, it is rare that a company has changed its name more than three times in 16 years. Recently, TEDA Manulife Fund submitted a shareholder change plan to the China Securities Regulatory Commission, which has officially entered the review stage.

If the change in name of the TEDA Manulife shareholder is successful, the company will undergo a fourth change since its establishment.

More than frequent changes in shareholders, the size of TEDA Mani’s non- base is even worse than 11 years ago. This shows that TEDA Manulife still needs to work hard to attract investors. The data shows that the company currently has more than 60 million yuan of mixed funds.

What changes will take place in the company's shareholder structure? What are the reasons for the non-rising decline of non-merchandise in more than 10 years? How will the company improve its product design in the future to attract investors and avoid the small size of its funds? With regard to the above issues, the “Investor” reporter sent a letter to Teda Hongli and received a partial response from the company.

Change of name is no longer a strange thing

Recently, the SFC's official website fund management company changed more than 5% of the stock rights, and the actual controller approval list, TEDA Manulife Fund Company was impressively listed. The company accepted the first feedback date on March 7, 2018, which means that its equity change has officially entered the review stage. If this change of shareholding is approved, the company's name is likely to change accordingly.

For TEDA Manulife, rebranding is no longer something new. If this is renamed again, the company has changed its name four times since its establishment 16 years ago.

In July 2002, Xiangcai Securities, Daqing Petroleum Administration, Shandong Xinyuan Holdings and Xinjiang Securities co-sponsored and established the predecessor of TEDA Manulife - Xiangcai Hefeng, which holds 40% and 15% respectively. 30% and 15% equity.

In less than a year of establishment, the company welcomed the changes in ownership and changed its name. In 2003, the first joint venture fund companies were allowed to set up. The bank , the bank , was a foreign party and was introduced as a shareholder of Xiangcai Hefeng. At that time, ABN AMRO took away 3% of Xiangcai Securities, Xinjiang Securities and Daqing Petroleum Administration to each give 15% of the shares. Subsequently, Xiangcai Hefeng was renamed Xiangcai Dutch Silver.

Xiang Cai, the more respected name, has become the first fund company to introduce foreign capital. Soon after, another startup shareholder of the company also sold its equity. In August 2004, Shandong Xinyuan Holdings transferred its 30% stake to Xiangcai Securities, which held 67% of the equity. At this time, Xiangcai only had two shareholders. However, by February 2005, ABN AMRO transferred another 33% of its equity to ABN Asia.

In April 2006, the company's largest shareholder Xiangcai Securities also transferred its equity. The trust was transferred by Tianjin TEDA Group's Northern International Trust to 51%, and the remaining 17% took over by ABN Asia. Since the Northern International Trust is affiliated with Tianjin TEDA, in order to show the background of the shareholders in the name, the company was renamed by the Dutch Bank of Silver. Xiangcai Securities sold all the shares, indicating that the company’s sponsoring shareholders had all withdrawn.

The name TEDA Manulife has been in use since 2010 and is the result of the company’s recent large-scale equity change. In March 2010, the foreign shareholder, ABN Asia, transferred the equity to a Hong Kong-capital-backed company - Manulife Asset Management Co., Ltd. under Manulife Financial . The company was officially renamed as TEDA Manulife.

With the participation of Manulife Financial, TEDA Manulife also formed an existing shareholding structure: TEDA's Northern International Trust holds 51% shares; Manulife Asset Management holds 49%.

The size of its fund is small

After the shareholders of TEDA Manulife have remained stable for nearly 8 years, this time it seems to change again. So where did the new shareholders come from? What happens to the company's shareholding structure?

TEDA Manulife did not respond directly to the issue of the "Investor" reporter, but said only: "At present, the equity change has not been formally approved and it is not convenient to disclose it. The follow-up progress is subject to the announcement. Our company has always been a professional manager. The system, the change of shareholding at the shareholder level, has no impact on the interests of our company's fund holders and the relationship between our company and our partners. We will continue to adhere to the principle of the supremacy of the holder’s interests and conduct our daily business with due diligence. , Give our customers continuous return on value.”

Han Feng, General Manager of Hengfeng Taishi once told the media that the fund company’s name change often has an adverse effect on the continued cultivation of the brand unless the new name is a stronger brand. In addition, the change of name of the fund company also often causes confusion to fund holders.

It can be seen from the change in the name of the shareholders that the TEDA Manulife shareholders have successively gone through mainland securities firms, trust companies, foreign companies, and Hong Kong capital companies. The reasons for the frequent changes in the equity of this company may be related to the conflict of business ideas between Chinese and foreign shareholders.

Perhaps for fund companies such as TEDA Manulife who do not have much channel resources, their business development has been affected. But fund companies mainly rely on performance to speak. This is the key to attracting investors.

Clearly, TEDA Manulife needs to work hard to attract investors. The current asset management scale of the company is 46.7 billion yuan, but the goods base accounts for nearly half of the country, and the non-cargo base scale is only 24.8 billion yuan. In 2007, the company's asset management scale was 35.7 billion yuan, and non-cargo bases accounted for 35.2 billion yuan. From this we can see that the company's non-merchandise scale has not risen in 16 years.

The decline in scale is also reflected in the lack of scale of many of its products. At the end of February of this year, TEDA Manulife announced that its Taida Manulife Creation Co., Ltd. flexibly deployed the hybrid fund , and after four months, the final raise failed. Why this is the case, the high probability that the amount raised is not less than 200 million yuan, or that the number of subscribers is less than 200.

According to the reporter's statistics, some TEDA Manulife funds also have small-scale situations. Taida Manulife Big Data, TEDA Hongli Chuangying, TEDA Manulife Quality Life, Taida Hongli Pension are all less than RMB 60 million. The small size of the fund usually means that it will increase company management costs. Therefore, in recent years, more and more fund companies have liquidated their small-scale funds.

Is it true that TEDA Hongli has formed a Xinji gold plan in the short term? In terms of product design, how will it be improved to attract investors and avoid the re-emergence of fundraising failures?

TEDA Manuly responded to the Investor News: “Our company is striving to perfect the product line and build a stable and diversified product line. Last year we issued the first domestic target fund and the first batch of FOFs. We will continue product development in the future. To give investors more financial options, we have upgraded the investment and research system since 2015, and adjusted investment and research in terms of investment process, investment philosophy, risk control, etc. In the future, we hope to achieve consistent and stable returns. , to bring better investment experience to investors."





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